Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Small Business Websites

Why Small Businesses Should Have Websites

As a small business, an advertising budget may not be possible for many. One thing that should not be ignored, however, is having a website. Websites can provide viable information for potential consumers – customers who don’t have any printed materials, need information after hours, or just cautious customers. Websites are the best way to get your name out, after social media.

So What?
When websites are built for your business, potential customers can…

Get an overview of the business
                Customers want to know before they take their business places – what will I find, who will I find there, and what can I expect? Having a website built allows customers to see more about you, your location, services, etc. This is a great resource tool for customers looking to take their business to new places.
Get the “feel” of the company
                Often times the rule “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is ignored, and businesses are often judged by the materials they present. If you have a poorly designed website, customers have low expectations, and may decide to look elsewhere.
                How much will this cost? What is this? Customers need answers to their questions. Chances are, if you’ve gone to another business’s website looking for more information, you had some similar questions on your mind.

Building a website can be a big step, and often costly in large packages. Let Designer Websites make a website that fits for you and your budget.