Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mobile Sites – The What and Why of It All

   In 2001, when smart phones began to take rise with the Palm Pilot, how we view mobile devices changed forever. In 2007, mobile access to the internet accelerated, and most smart phones came with the capability to browse the internet. As mobile sites were being created, developers and businesses had to take into account the size of the screen and readability – two major factors of mobile viewing. All of this is fine and dandy, but why would a small business need a mobile site?

   In July of 2011, 35% of adults had a smart phone [1], and 87% of smart phone users use the internet on their phone on a regular basis. Being almost a year later, that percentage is surely higher. This means the audience most businesses are trying to reach are available through another medium – to contact, to browse, to inform.

Property of CNET

   A website that does not have a separate mobile site can cause longer loading times, harder to read text, and unclickable buttons. Unless your site is optimized for mobile devices, consumers may become frustrated with the lack of user friendliness. If they’re on the go and searching for your business, that may lead them elsewhere.

  80% of all searches performed on a smart phone are for local businesses and services [2]. When users are on the go, they want to get straight to the point – do you have what they’re looking for? It could be a number for your business, a certain product or service, and if they’re trying to go to your location, it could be directions or a map.

  If you have a smart phone, look at your current website on your phone – do you have to zoom to read the text? Can you click the number to call your business? Are there missing images, or are things appearing completely out of place? You may want to consider having a mobile site developed – to appeal to potential customers, and customers on the go. This may result in a boost of calls, a boost of visits, or just a boost of business. At Designer Websites, we have the ability to optimize your site for the mobile world. Give us a call today at (858) 467-9139, or leave us a message at our website - http://bit.ly/Kv9NJT