Friday, July 6, 2012

Is Your WebSite Hurting Your Business? 3 Business Site Downfalls

A website can be a wonderful addition to a business, to help fill in gaps, engage and inform potential customers, and provide a great representation of who you are and what your business stands for. So how could your website be hurting your business?

  • 1.Your Website Has Little to No Useful Information

  • A major downfall to a company website can be lack of information. If a potential customer were to research your company and decide if they want to do business, they may not be able to tell much about your company, and will decide to pursue elsewhere. Make sure to focus on having great content that shows the 5 W’s – What, Who, When, Where, and Why?

  • 2. Your Website Does Not Represent Your Business

  • Not even closely. If you’re a baker, your website is probably not the best place to show your deep interest in hunting – unless you provide both services. The customer would like to know more about your business – what kind of work do you do, how do you handle clients, and can you bother with the details (spell check!). Now is not the time to show a profile of yourself, including personal pictures. Show what your company can do, and have a closely related design theme that gives the same impression.

  • 3.Your Website Is Only Loosely Related to Your Business

  • If your website is not contributing to your business by providing information, or does not engage the customer to do something with your business, it will not pull customers to you. Try to have something that connects the site to the actual business – a phone number is a must, and it’s great to have a contact form. Coupons and offers are more great ways of engaging customers to your business. As always, Designer Websites is able to optimize your website for the customer, pulling customers and your business together for the best.